Posted on 01 January 2022 by Megan Briers

Colour: The New Perth Trend in Outdoor Furniture

Colour: The New Perth Trend in Outdoor Furniture

The New Trend in Perth Outdoor Furniture

The colours we surround ourselves with influence our mood.

You can literally affect a psychological change in yourself, your family, and your friends simply through the colours you use while designing your living spaces.

Red, for example, is a colour commonly found in kitchens because it’s known to increase appetite. Blue, on the other hand, has the ability to lower the blood rate and create a feeling of relaxation, which is why it’s generally better suited for living rooms, studies, and places of meditation.

While on the surface it seems to be a whole other category, your outdoor environment can actually be styled in much the same way as you would style your interior. Details such as your choice of lawn furniture, the colour of the furniture, and the arrangement on your patio dictate the mood created when people gather. Using purple shades can give your outdoor living space an air of royalty, whereas using yellow gives your space a sense of cheerfulness and optimism. In fact, yellow has the most energy of warm colours and is often associated with laughter, hope, and sunshine. Isn’t that what we’d love for our backyard living?

We’re excited to see an increasing trend towards more colourful, considered exteriors in Perth.

Our French partner Fermob stands at the forefront of this rising tide. Fermob specialises in outdoor furniture, choosing to manufacture outdoor furniture using aluminium and steel, accompanied with superior Outdoor Technical Fabrics (OTFs) and aims to become one of Perth’s premier suppliers of residential and commercial outdoor furniture. The price tag may be higher, but for good reason.

Fermob’s sole watchword is excellence, using premium-quality materials from respected companies like Serge Ferrari and Sunbrella. Fermob’s OTFs are engineered to resist tearing and mould while at the same time remaining easy to clean and maintain. All parts of Fermob retail and commercial outdoor furniture benefit from anti-corrosion treatment, meaning they’ll stand up to the elements. Additional Very High Protection treatments and fireproofing are available on request.

Best of all? Fermob outdoor furniture offers 23 colours, meaning you’re going to find the colour palate that best highlights your patio and works for you.

Colour is quickly becoming fashionable in Perth and Fermob in partnership with Patio & Balcony Outdoor Living plans to lead from the forefront of the pack - offering unmatched standards of quality and excellence while at the same time setting the standard with the highest echelon of customer service and satisfaction. Colour is the new trend in Perth’s outdoor furniture market and we’re on board.

Excited about this trend? So are we.

What’s your outdoor colour scheme?

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