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Fermob Colour

Fermob Colour


When colour brings your story to life.

To maintain its position as an inspiring, influential brand Fermob set up a dedicated team to revolutionize the way it develops its colour chart. The aim was to consolidate its position as a specialist in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture focusing on colour.

The Fermob colour chart is based around 4 themes and each one tells its own story.

Colour Hues

Neutral | Green | Sunny | Warm


Neutral colours create a foundation for you to add your own personal touches to your outdoor area. Clay Grey pictured here acts as a link between monochrome pallets however this timeless grey tone is an absolute stand-out on its own.

Shades of Green

Shades of green can be soft and subtle or loud and vibrant. Willow Green pictured here adds a relaxed feel to this small outdoor deck.


Sunny colours add a sense of fun & playfulness to any outdoor space. Fermob the colour specialist have blended these 4 colours with absolute perfection. A sunny, stylish, fun outdoor area has been created using Cotton White, Frosted Lemon, Capucine and Opaline Green.

Selection of Fermob outdoor chairsWarm Hues

Warm tones sit nicely on the land. Earthy Red Ochre blends with Cactus and Nutmeg in this rustic space amongst the garden. This image evokes the true feeling of home & family through colour and a relaxed product choice.

What does colour say about us?

The colours we surround ourselves with influence our mood. You can literally affect a psychological change in yourself, your family, and your friends simply through the colours you use while designing your living spaces.

If you are looking for more colour inspiration we encourage you to explore our website - you will find a vast array of colour combinations: neutral, green, sunny, warm, vibrant, moody, and bright in the images we post. Put your own style on your outdoor space using colour, whatever colour tells your story.

Imagery by Fermob

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