Posted on 02 September 2023 by Megan Briers

Fermob: The Colour Expert

Fermob: The Colour Expert

Why Fermob Colour for Outdoors?

Fermob has been famous for colour since 1996. Firmly believing colour is what makes a garden interesting, creates atmosphere, and adds personality to an item of furniture.

Today, Fermob has established a colour pallet consisting of 22 unique colours, 22 degrees of shade and intensity. Fermob colours are designed to flourish on their own as well as blend together harmoniously. Add a little, add a lot your colour story is as individual as you are.

The Colour Testing Process

Fermob colours are designed for demanding outdoor use with intensive testing carried out prior to any new colour launch so they can gaurantee:

  • Lightfastness
  • Scratch Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance

The Painting Process

Fermob owns the most advanced painting line anywhere in the world. It takes just 6 minutes to change paint colours and the production line can handle every shade of the Fermob colour chart in just 3 days.

All Fermob metal products are painted with a 100% polyester powder coating. This powder coating technique offers better UV resistance than standard epoxy paints. The paint is applied electrostatically to the furniture for even coverage which is then baked at a very high temperature.

What is electrostatic application? An eco-friendly painting technique that involves using powder instead of solvent-based paints. An electrostatic force attracts the powder coating to the metal to achieve optimal coverage. 

To further improve anti-corrosion performance Fermob apply surface treatments before painting, either as standard or as an additional option.

Ecological Paint that Protects the Environment

The powder paint used by Fermob contains no solvents. It is 100% recycled and recyclable. Fermob paint is applied in a zero-waste facility.

Fermob continually work towards improving its environmental impact, optimising energy consumption is one of Fermob's key target areas which they demonstrate through continuing actions:

  • Reducing the temperature of their ovens by -10 degrees C in 25 years
  • A stoving process that now consumes 10% less energy
  • Installation of new painting line, saving 8 tons of powder per year
  • Reduction in water usage, 30% reduction in 5 years
  • Reduction in electricity use, with the addition of LED lighting
Fermob furniture stands out for its original designs and exclusive range of colours. Do you have a favourite Fermob colour?


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