Posted on 11 February 2023 by Megan Briers

The Fermob Outdoor Office

The Fermob Outdoor Office

Work And Fresh Air Go Hand In Hand.

The concept of outdoor living is bigger than ever before and French furniture manufacturer Fermob has always focused on a diverse range of outdoor living spaces. The boundary between professional and personal life has never been so minimal and people are looking for ways to bring feelings of well-being into their day-to-day lives.  It seems we have taken a liking to outdoor life, but not just for enjoying dinner with the family or meals in a restaurant courtyard.

Companies have started to consider outdoor spaces to meet the changing needs of employees and society. Workspaces are changing, increasingly moving away from traditional open plan office space to work from home options and outside working. 

Globally we are discovering new ways of working and conducting business and opening up new ways of activating space.

Offices are expanding into outdoor spaces and thriving. Making the most out of outdoor spaces gives colleagues the opportunity to work, have lunch or spend time together. Taking in a little fresh air and vitamin D throughout the day is good for the well-being we are all craving in our workday.

Fermob furniture is well placed to support changes in outdoor living spaces and working life. With cleaver, practical furniture that offers solutions to changing work practices. 

As life changes, meeting, working and professional outdoor spaces have become a way of the future. 

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