Posted on 15 August 2022 by Megan Briers

Indoor - Outdoor Living

Indoor - Outdoor Living

Indoor - Outdoor Living

We really are a lucky country!

We have always been an inside/outside living culture due to our temperate weather and penchant for the great outdoors.

However, the spaces within Australian homes were traditionally divided into formal and informal areas and inside and outside spaces were clearly delineated. But this thinking has changed. To the benefit of our lifestyle.

Gone are the days of having parties while congregating in just the ‘one good room’. Homeowners are now creating homes and spaces where living areas are deliberately allowed to flow into outdoor areas like their decks, patios and gardens.

Australian families are successfully and stylishly integrating indoor and outdoor areas.

Australian architects, and the homeowners they work with, are leaning more and more towards ‘inside/outside living’ designs. We’re attracted to functional and flexible layouts and usable areas, rather than opting for architectural elements that provide beauty but aren’t as functional. This means we no longer need to live in a place where we have to choose between being inside or out. For a wide-open, big-sky country with an appealing year-round climate, bringing the outdoors in makes a lot of sense, but so does bringing the comfort of the indoors outside!

Why Australia is so good at inside/outside living design:

Our seasons of spring, summer, and autumn are fairly temperate so we're fortunate to be able to keep living an outdoorsy lifestyle for the majority of the year. The climate here is just so good! And even during winter when it’s a bit chilly and overcast outside, it’s still no reason to give up on our outdoor life.

People are making the most of any outdoor areas they have, they’re fluidly melding their indoor with their outdoor spaces to host outdoor BBQs and dinners and family gatherings, and they’re decking out their yards and outdoor spaces with fancy grills, heating, seating and lounging sofas. When they entertain friends and family in a big group all they need is to slide open a few doors, rearrange a few pieces, and voila!

Inside/outside design allows the guests and the fun to spill out from inside to outside - essentially creating one big communal space.

We’ve seen how much Australians love to entertain at home, and we’re doing it with style and careful design. Australian entertaining works a whole lot better in integrated spaces that offer the best of both worlds.

This means finding and choosing the right furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Looking for pieces to complement your love for the outdoors?

Check out our incredible Brands: Vincent Sheppard indoor/outdoor furniture and French outdoor furniture manufacturer Fermob to find the best one for your perfectly designed life, indoors or outdoors.

Here's to living a glorious life in the outdoors!

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