Love beanbags? Then you’ll adore Fatboy beanbags 

There are beanbags. And then there are Fatboy beanbags. Fatboy beanbags are huge by name, and huge by nature. Big, fat, oversized, in-your-face beanbags. Beanbags that invite you to sink into them and then want to keep you there, enveloped in big beautiful beany comfort. Or spread your Fatboy beanbag out so you can bask on it in the sun in blissful contentment.


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Manufactured in the Netherlands, Fatboy beanbags are filled before they’re shipped, so they arrive ready for some serious outside R&R. Their hardwearing fabrics come in a great range of both colours and stripes, and are water and dirt repellent, so they’ll keep on looking good for years to come.

Fatboy Lighting

Fatboy’s outdoor lighting grabs your attention with each piece. They’re strong, durable and dimmable, and use LED technology for long life and sustainability. And best of all, they’re easy to set up. Take Fatboy’s wireless Thierry le Swinger. Hang it from a tree or place it on a beechwood stand on the grass or on your paved courtyard. Or hang a row of Bolleke spherical lights across your garden on hooks or a cord. Bolleke keeps your evenings young.

Fatboy outdoor beanbags and lighting will soon be your outdoor besties.

Talk to us about how you’d like to make Fatboy a part of your outdoor world.