Posted on 17 January 2023 by Megan Briers

Fermob Outdoor Lighting

Fermob Outdoor Lighting

The right outdoor lighting is an essential part of your outdoor entertaining space.

As days drift into evenings, Fermob outdoor lighting keeps the fun and laughter going in your outdoor entertaining space, but the mood softens; is more diffused. A luminescent glow creates a subtle ambience.

With the right outdoor lighting, you can switch off your main lights and relax into the gentle light from our range of inspired rechargeable LED lighting by French furniture company, Fermob.

While Fermob outdoor lighting is designed and manufactured in France, it’s perfect for Aussie lifestyles. It comes in many shapes, sizes and selected shades from the Fermob colour chart. From free-standing portable lights for larger spaces to smaller lights to adorn your outdoor table and hanging lights to spread the light love. 


Rechargeable lighting means endless possibilities.

All our Perth outdoor lighting is rechargeable – either with a USB cord, or a docking station for bigger lights. This means endless possibilities, as you’re not limited to fixed lighting. As you move your Fermob outdoor lights to illuminate different spaces, they stay on for up to 8 to 12 hours, which makes them a brilliant choice for outdoor entertaining.

Although all the Fermob lights we sell in Perth and around Australia are durable and take most of the elements in their stride, we advise that you move them inside during extreme weather events, such as thunderstorms or hail. 

Simple to use!

Our floor lights and tabletop lights are simple to change from cold to warm light, all at the touch of a button. Balad lights are the original in the Fermob light range, then came Mooon and Aplo all rechargeable. Fermob has now added its very own string lights, Hoop to the mix. Fermob is determined to brighten every corner of your backyard. Oh, and I forgot to mention, our large Mooon lights are Bluetooth and can be turned on and off using your phone with the Fermob lighting app, genius. 

Fermob Lighting

Fermob Lighting Accessories

Fermob is minimalist and stylish LED outdoor lighting that never lets its design overtake the quality of its illumination. Let there be light. Let there be Fermob light.

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