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Blending Fermob Colours

Blending Fermob Colours

It can be hard to choose the right colour or mix of colours when you have so many great Fermob colour options, 22 to be exact.

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To help start you on your Fermob colour journey we encourage you to visit the colour gallery on our website. Click on the colour of interest and you will find a brief overview, recommended colour combinations and some of the products available in this colour selection. Choosing the right Fermob colours for you has never been easier!

Fermob Colour

Below we answer a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Fermob colours.

What main colour should I choose for my outdoor dining set?
As a guide, you should start by choosing your table colour since it's the largest piece in your set. From there you can focus on the seat colour. We strongly recommend you have at least two seats the same colour as the table, this will ensure you get the balance right.

How many colours can I mix together?

This depends on the size of your table. Ideally, for a four-seat set you should limit yourself to two colours, large sets you can go to three. 


How do I combine colours?
To create harmonious colour combinations from the Fermob colour range we suggest mixing similar hues. To achieve a nature-themed pallet why not consider hues like Rosemary, Cactus or Willow Green, to freshen it up why not add a little Ice Mint to the mix?
If you are looking for a more modern colour pallet, Anthracite, Deep Blue and Liquorice will do the trick.
While Black Cherry, Chili or Red Ochre will add a sense of warmth and spice to your outdoor space.

Fermob Luxembourg Collection

Should I go for a monochrome look with so many colours to choose from?
A monochrome look is perfect if you have a favourite colour. Go bold or go neutral, going monochrome allows you to vary the seat options and mix and match from multiple collections. Bring your personality to your set.

Why Fermob?

Fermob outdoor furniture is all about quality, style and incredible design. Fermob encourages you to embrace colour, play with different hues and compose your own palette. 22 unique colours, 22 ways to make your outdoor space happy, 22 degrees of intensity, 22 shades of light. Fermob colours are designed to flourish out there on their own as well as to bring out the best of each other. Perfect to make every outdoor living space unique.

If you are looking for more colour inspiration we encourage you to explore our image gallery, a vast library of fun, stylish, design-inspired outdoor spaces.

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