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Outdoor String Lighting

Outdoor String Lighting

Hoop by Fermob

Hoop string lighting has just arrived. And it is so much more than a string of lights!

The brands lighting products take their cues from modern day lifestyles, and they bear all the hallmarks of Fermob's DNA: simplicity, attention to detail and of course visual appeal. These lighting collections reflect the brands positioning as a comprehensive outdoor environment specialist. Fermob offers a multitude of lighting options, lighting stools, portable lights, table lights and hanging lights. Which coupled with a wide range of accessories; stands, brackets and hanging straps offers a unique, fun user experience adapted to any outdoor space.

Let us tell you more about the fully-fledged aerial lighting solution HOOP.


Hoop Lights

It has a 12-metre matt black cable, including a 6-metre hanging cable, plus 8 LED spotlights that are like halos of light that seem to float weightlessly in the dark. The spotlights are adjustable through 360 degrees and 2 hook mechanisms one at each end.

The dimmer switch, which is easy to access once installed, is equally suited to both an ambient lounge area and a large brightly lit table.

Hoop Lighting

What's more, it's equipped with Bluetooth technology and can be controlled remotely with the Fermob Lighting app.

Designed by J.Mazoyer-Do for Fermob.
Powered by Smart & Green
ABS frame | Polycarbonate diffuser | Integrated LED technology
Touch-activated dimmer | Brightness variation
Mood lighting | Ingress protected | Impact resistant
Red Ochre | Acapulco Blue | Cactus
Limited numbers
$730 per set

Create the Mood

As days drift into evenings, outdoor lighting keeps the fun and laughter going in your outdoor entertainment space, but the mood softens, is more diffused. A luminescent glow creates an ambience that goes beyond words.

HOOP so much more than a garland...............................

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