Fermob Picoti Bird Feeder

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For several seasons already, Fermob’s outdoor accessories have brought a touch of fun to alfresco and gardens around the world.

The PICOTI bird feeder designed by Catherine Sofia will fit right in in amongst the greenery in your backyard. Whether screwed to a wall or hanging from a tree branch, it is guaranteed to delight your feathered friends.

Just place a couple of seeds in the stainless-steel bowl and let nature work its magic. Both in summer and winter, seeds in winter and water in summer to help hydrate the birds. As such, you can make the most of your bird feeder all year long!

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Width 20cm
Height 16.5cm
Weight .8kg
Solution-dyed acrylic fabric
Parasol with a finished hem
White aluminium tubular mast
8 fibreglass ribs

Bag for storage